chocolate truffle tartlets

The next recipe selection for TWD: Baking with Julia is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets – a real treat for most, but sadly I am not a lover of chocolate.

I had been looking forward to the project for a few weeks, imagining it to be a bit more complicated than it actually was. The best part for me was that the need for fluted tartlet pans with removable bottoms necessitated a visit a restaurant supply store!

One small shopping excursion later… I assembled my ingredients and food processor for the Chocolate Dough. The dough was quite easy to make in the food processor, but I found that forming the dough in the tartlet pans was a little bit of a challenge. The dough is so delicate, and the bottomless pans so small that I felt a bit awkward.

The filling came together very easily. The little tarts baked nicely and popped out of their pans readily (even though I neglected to coat them with cooking spray). The tartlets were pronounced “delicious” by those who love very rich chocolate desserts, but they were a bit much for me. But then again, that’s one of the things I enjoy about baking – as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I get all of the fun without the burden of those pesky extra calories!

Happy baking!

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