baking bread

So this is my first post on TWD: Baking with Julia. And, really, my first baking post ever. I have learned something about myself right from the get-go – the idea of blogging is more fun than actually blogging, at least for me. But baking, well that’s another story altogether.

The prospect of baking bread, and not just ‘bread,’ but White Loaves for this first TWD: BWJ assignment, got me out of bed on a Sunday morning while everyone else was still asleep. You don’t know me, but my every Sunday goal is to stay in bed as long as possible, completely skipping breakfast and arising only to avoid that look of scorn from my lonely children. However, this Sunday I was anxious to get out of bed well before 10 (aka before dawn) for a cup of French press coffee while I considered my baking task.
My Heavy Duty KitchenAid mixer has been boxed-up for almost two years and I couldn’t wait to unpack it and fire it up. But this dough was bigger than my mixer and for fear of a burnt-out motor, I turned the dough out on a lightly floured surface and began to knead. I had forgotten how great it is to work bread dough – it’s been quite a while. I must confess to having been spoiled by “culinary” school (my friend Shirin says, “why do you always call it cooking school?”). There were Hobart mixers almost as tall as me and no bread dough would ever best a mixer. But this is home baking and I am happy I got to knead my dough for a while, on a Sunday morning, with a great cup of coffee and a sleepy house.
The dough rose…
And the dough formed nicely into pretty little loaves…

And then it was time to watch bread bake… and I couldn’t stop. I felt like I was watching an egg, waiting for it to hatch. I turned the oven light on, and off, and on again. Opened the door just a bit…

I took a pale golden loaf out to check it’s temperature (only 120)… and really enjoyed watching this blob of dough become something wonderful.

But now, what to do with it? I decided on croque-monsieur sandwiches to start (no photos). As my niece Jessica used to say, “it tastes almost as good as real…[bread].”

So, I was reminded of how much I love baking and how the process is always what I really enjoy. The blogging is probably good for me… I always struggle to find a successful recipe again because I love trying something new. And, the end result? I’ve already moved on… Valentine’s Day cake pops for my daughter’s 4th grade class party!

Happy baking!

3 thoughts on “baking bread

  1. Your loaves look beautiful! I think the blogging can be harder too – it took me a long time yesterday just to figure out how to post my lone pic of my wrinkled bread. I am impressed with your photos!

  2. Glad you decided to get out bed (hard to do, I know) and bake along. My heavy-duty KA mixer has been put through the paces over the past few years, but it always lives to mix another day. Gorgeous loaves.

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