chocolate truffle tartlets

The next recipe selection for TWD: Baking with Julia is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets – a real treat for most, but sadly I am not a lover of chocolate. I had been looking forward to the project for a few weeks, imagining it to be a bit more complicated than it actually was. The best part … Continue reading

cake pop adventures

It all started with an email from a 4th grade room mother… What would you like to contribute to the class “friendship” (formerly known as Valentine’s Day) party? I offered to provide three dozen cupcakes, of course. The Hot Chocolate Cupcakes I made for the winter holiday party were a big hit and cupcakes are so fun … Continue reading

baking bread

So this is my first post on TWD: Baking with Julia. And, really, my first baking post ever. I have learned something about myself right from the get-go – the idea of blogging is more fun than actually blogging, at least for me. But baking, well that’s another story altogether. The prospect of baking bread, and … Continue reading

getting ready

My book arrived yesterday and I sat right down and turned every page. Some of the recipes look a little intimidating, and some sound like something I would really rather not eat, but most look absolutely delicious! I am really excited about the project. I’ve been roaming around some other TWD blogs and I am … Continue reading

resolving to bake

After hearing the story about the Tuesdays with Dorie blog and the interview with Dorie Greenspan on All Things Considered, and then visiting the blog and learning about the new adventure, Baking with Julia, here I am with my very first post on my very first blog. While I am new to blogging, I’m not … Continue reading